free hit

Unpaid tax bills
Taxi cab
Mustard dab
Sapsucker belly
Citrus jelly
Hazard tape & crime scene
Caution light & rogue kite
Fire hydrant
Honey pilsner on draft
Rubber river raft
Lemonade & lemon pie
Shucked corn
Beaks and bills
Lawns you don’t water
Dandelions when you do
A rose in Texas
Not a single Lexus
Brick road
High-altitude species toad
Squash & onions
Infected bunions
Fever & jaundice
Urine & mucus
Old wax floors
Bananas & crocus
Men at work notice
School buses
Curious George’s hatted man
The flash in the pan
Another light beer
Smiley face
Antique lace
Rain slickers
Hay stacks & flax
Tow-headed children
Old folks’ teeth
Jackets of wasps, bellies of bees
Grits & cheese
Attic wedding veils
Legal pads & highlighters
Chalk outlines
Carolina jasmine vines
Highway lines
Tongue of honeysuckle
Eye of daisies
Squash blossoms
Wet possums
Sunflower petal
A certain precious metal
The nursery when the ultrasound is inconclusive
Radioactive fallout shelter
Nostalgia & parchment
High complected beauty
Tennis ball fifteen love
Lost garden glove
Cloudless day
A song by Coldplay