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Winston had been sleeping in his cousin Harley's basement for ten days, pretending to study for the pest control exam.  Harley needed help at We Wack’em. Winston needed a job and a place to say—until his wife took him back, anyway.  


The Sea of Tranquility
The Long Story

As she drives her dead husband’s car down Main Street, Caroline cannot bring herself to go home. She decides to loop through town again. The children are in bed, the baby is asleep. She’ll drive around a little longer. 

Southern Humanities Review

 He kept his hand on her, yearning for that married skin, pretending it wasn't a luxury. 

Geographic Tongue
Hayden’s Ferry Review

I had been thirteen for exactly two weeks when the spot appeared on my tongue. It was the size of a newborn's fist, ragged and pale--eerie as hell.

Steel Toe Review

She found the crumpled receipt in his favorite pair of jeans. Silk camisole, fishnet black, garter black, peep-toe pumps red. 

Group Dynamics

As he pulled into the parking lot of Jackie Jump-Up’s Pizzeria and Animal Band, Connor realized just how impossible it was to hide desire. He was in love. Stupid with it.

Emrys Journal

No pool. No cable. No room service. And in the top drawer of the desk (where normal motels had Bibles), someone had left a big book called The Second Sex by some french lady. Just my luck. When I'm trying to expand our relationship and get the doctor to think of something besides sex, I find a kinky how-to manual.