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"Life Lessons from Otto" (PDF)
Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers (Hub City Press)

His plumed tail is plumped, his ears at attention, and, as we head to the park, he leads with the brisk, no-nonsense stride of a hedge fund manager.

“An Old Synagogue Needs Rescuing” (PDF)
TOWN Magazine

The mikvah had been fashioned into a makeshift baptismal pool with a system of rigged heating coils that was downright dangerous. “It was a wonder no one had been electrocuted,” he said.

"Fiction Addiction’s Book Your Lunch" (PDF)
My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop (Black Dog & Leventhal)

I had the honor of being a featured author for Book Your Lunch. I looked out onto a roomful of people–and I wasn’t even related to most of them.

"Finding Home"

The place managed to look both defiant and melancholy, fending off the sprawl and faceless development, holding the modern world at bay. It was for sale, but there were clearly no takers.

"Southern View: A Sense of Place"

Familiar landmarks have a way of appearing in my fiction—a little warped. 

"Here, Now: Greenville’s Wild Side"

I love that nature is squeezing through the fist of concrete and condos.